Apex Legends: Fix Infinite Loading Screen Problem

Apex Legends has a pesky bug where it will be stuck at the loading screen, read on to learn how to fix the Apex Legends Infinite Loading screen problem.

The Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen bug is very self explanatory, it’ll simply never go pass the main menu of the game and end up in a never-ending loop, so in short you’ll end up stuck on the loading screen. There’s a few theories of why it happens, with the most popular ones being a read problem with the game’s folder and account linking with Steam.

The game is fairly stable, but there’s still a few pesky bugs like this one that is causing problems for players. The supposed fixes for the Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen bug are below:

How to Fix Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen Problem

First thing you need to do is close Apex Legends and the Origin Launcher. Make sure Origin is completely closed by going into the Task Manager and ending the task from there.

Now open Steam and make sure you’re logged in.

Next open the Drive you have set for your Origin Games Library, inside click on the Apex folder where you’ll find a file called “r5apex.exe”.

Right click on the file and then select Properties.

Click on the Compatibility tab, then under Compatibility Mode select to run the program in compatibility for Windows 7. Next click on the box at the very bottom to run the program as administrator. Click OK to save your settings.

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Open Apex Legends and wait for a bit on the main menu, where it prompts the “Continue” selection. You have to wait till the “Data Center” option become available, which’ll show you your Ping and Packet Loss % to the game’s different servers. Change the server to the one best suited and start the game.

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Unless its very important, un-link your Steam will make sure the problem doesn’t occur in the future.

Did this guide help resolving the Apex Legends Infinite Loading problem for you? Let us know in the comments below if you still have any problems and we’ll try out best to answer them.

Apex Legends is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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