Apex Legends: How to Add Friends to Your Squad

Apex Legends, the latest Battle Royale title by Respawn Entertainment is all about team play. Confused on how to add friends to your Squad? Don’t worry this article will make it simpler for you.

The game with how the characters are created and the abilities they posses shows a needs for team work in addition to the fact that there is no other option than a squad match. All abilities of a Legend are usually be of the same nature. For that reason you have to combine the different abilities of all the Legends in your squad if you want to win. For that reason most people are wondering about how to add your friends to their party. It goes without saying that most people would prefer to add friends to their squad rather than teaming up with strangers.

How to add friends to Apex Legends Squad on PS4 and Xbox One

Adding friends to your squad in Apex Legends requires a few simple steps. Upon starting the game, you find your player standing in the lobby and on his immediate right or left side there is a ‘+’ sign. This will pop up the friends list where you can add friends to your Apex Legends squad by selecting them given they are online and already registered as your in-game friend.

If they accept your request to join your Apex Legends Party then they will appear alongside you in the lobby.

How to add friends to Apex Legends Squad on PC

The Process of adding friends to your squad in Apex Legends on PC is different from the other two platforms. A few simple steps need to be followed, on the main lobby screen you have to press ‘Shift + F1’ which will open a list where you have to select friends list. Selecting friends list will open a pop-up window where you can find your friend by writing their name and then add your friend to your Apex Legends Squad. They will appear along side you in the lobby when they accept your request.

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Again, its important for your friend to be online and added as registered as your in-game friend to be added to Apex Legends Squad.

Moreover, it would be important to mention that the game does not support cross-play till now. You can only add friends to Apex Legends squad if they are on a similar platform as you. Really hope this was helpful, for anymore questions feel free to comment below.

Apex Legends is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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