Apex Legends: How to download on Xbox One

Apex Legends is an all new FPS Battle Royale title by Respawn Entertainment. If you think it is the game for you but you are unsure about how to download in on Xbox One then don’t worry we have all the answers you need.

The game has been released on to Xbox One, PS4 and PC for the time being. It was more of an experiment gone right as the game started off as a part of Titanfall universe but ended up as a separate title altogether.

Moreover, the gameplay and the character review definitely shows that a promising experience can be expected. We can definitely say that it is a must try title for FPS aficionados, after all its free so there’s no risk!

How to download Apex Legends on Xbox One?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game on all platforms that it was released on. So all you have to do is log on to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One and find the game by using the search box or looking in the shooter category where you like find it among the likes of Fortnite. Last step is to hit that download button and game will be downloaded to your Xbox One. The estimated size of the game download is around 22 GB on Xbox One.

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Unfortunately for Xbox One users, although getting Apex Legends on Xbox One is very easy but playing it for free isn’t the case. Although game is free but on Xbox One you would require Xbox Live Gold subscription unlike PS4 which does not require PSN+ subscription. Its is similar to how you require Xbox Live Gold for Fortnite. To be more specific, you require Xbox Live Gold for almost all games that have online multiplayer on Xbox One. Furthermore, the game is essentially free as far as far as developers are concerned but in game purchases can be made with a game currency which can also be purchased as well as starter packs for the game.

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So all of those who are downloading Apex Legends on Xbox One but don’t have a subscription should consider getting one and those who have a subscription should not waste anymore time and start Apex Legends download on their Xbox One. We hope to hear about your experience with Apex Legends in the comments below.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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