Apex Legends New Legend Valkyrie, All Abilities For Valkyrie Explained

Apex Legends New Legend Valkyrie

With the popularity of Apex Legends battle royale at an all time, the developers don’t seem to want it to dwindle even a little bit. By constantly adding new variations of the normal mode almost every other week and more updates to keep the game fresh all the time they are able to keep the popularity as high as possible.  And now Apex Legends is getting a new Legend called Valkyrie today we discuss what this new Legend is capable of doing. And a bit of backstory of the Legend to get a better understanding for Valkyrie.

With a very typical revenge for dead parents type backstory the Legend looks like it will be a great addition to the already very diverse rooster of this battle royale. Kairi Imahara or who will be better known as Valkyrie is the daughter of the notorious mercenary Viper. Following in her fathers footsteps she stole a titan and then started working with outlaws to make ends meet.  By utilizing the intact flight core from her fathers Northstar, she developed a new shiny jetpack that will honor her fathers memory.

“Jetpacks” seems to be the main focus this legend is based around. With the gameplay of the Legend being as or even more exciting and freeing as some other Legends in the game such as Octane or Horizon. This excitement and freedom will be possible by the jetpacks the Legend is equipped with. The character already looks like it will be extremely overpowered and will definitely change the meta with it’s Air Superiority over all the other Legends.

Valkyrie’s passive skills:

  • Recon class – Just like other recon class Legends like Bloodhound, Valkyrie is able to scout ring locations with the survey beacons, especially the ones placed higher on the map
  • VTOL Jets or also called Jetpacks – you can use them by double jumping which will fly you up and forward. It also has an option of manual hovering. There are couple of things baked in this to keep the Legend balanced for example the jetpacks have a limited amount of fuel and the cooldown looks like it will be a long one. Also while flying you are in the sky visible to every player in the vicinity and you will also have a predictable pattern and let’s not forget flying makes quite a bit of noise which will alert players nearby. There are not much combat options available when flying and there will be no cover in the skies. Grenades cannot be thrown when in flight nor the weapons can be used but the Legend can use it’s tactical missile swarm, more on this below. Once the jetpack is released there is a 1-second delay before the weapons can be used again.
  • Jet-Fighter HUD – This option pops up after diving or flying. It’s is not like a Bloodhound scan and does not show enemies hiding in buildings, but it will mark enemies that can be seen directly, with an uninterrupted line of sight just like Bloodhound teammates also benefit from these target callouts

Valkyrie’s Tactical skills:

  • Missile swarm – This ability fires a swarm of mini-rockets which damage and disorient the enemy. It is kind of like the Bangalore ultimate but on a smaller scale, launching 12 missiles in a 4×3 array. With a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Valkyrie’s Ultimate skills:

  • Skyward Dive – This evacuation move let’s Valkyrie and her team to reposition together though obviously it will not be easy to direct your teammates together to hook up and fly away. Once in the sky, teammates are able to unhook and fly back down to reposition themselves elsewhere on the map. What the ability basically does is it charges her up for a few seconds, then launches her into the air letting teammates hook on. Vertical clearance is required to use the ability. While in the sky, enemies nearby are highlighted for her.

With such overpowered skills this Legend will definitely be a game changer and we are looking forward to the new season 9 Legacy of the battle royale which will include the new Legend Valkyrie on May 4th.

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