Apex Legends Legacy Season 9, Every New Change Explained

With season 8 of coming to an end, which was a massive success and broke the games concurrent players record. Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy is almost here on may 4th and is looking like it will be an absolute banger of a season. Season 9 will bring a whole new game mode of 3 versus 3 combat called Arenas, the season will also include a new Legend more on that here.  Changes are also coming to the Olympus map. More details on all of this.


Arenas is going to be a new permanent 3v3 game mode, completely separated from the Battle Royale. Now players will be able to play a much more combat focused experience with the addition of Arenas. There will be just your party of 3 versus 3 opponents, no worries of being 3rd partied from other teams or players hiding somewhere near you. The battle will be taking place in multiple intense rounds to see who will be the victor. Eliminate the other team, no running away or hiding just pure combat.

To get and upgrade gears/weapons you will need to use the materials earned from previous rounds. After customizing your loadout you will be thrown right into action. Once eliminated players cannot be respawned and will need to wait for the next round to start. All of this is reminiscent of Counter Strike but on a smaller more intense scale. Weapons will not be carrying over to coming rounds and you start with a set number of tactical charges with more purchasable with materials. More materials are gained in later rounds as compared to the previous rounds. Unused ultimate and tactical charges carry over to coming rounds.

All of this action will be taking place on 2 new maps Party Crasher and Phase runner, and 3 other areas from the Battle Royale map will be thrown into the bi-weekly rotation making the total 5. On release the 3 areas will be Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s Edge, and Golden Gardens from Olympus.

To win an arenas match you will need to win at least 3 rounds with your opponents only taking 1 round. If the opponent team is able to win more than 1 round then you will need to pull ahead 2 whole rounds over your opponent to win. For example 4-2 or 5-3. If neither team is able to pull ahead by 2 round the game then kicks into a sudden death round mode on round 9 (4-4). Whoever wins round 9 gets the victory. Making this the most exciting part of the Apex Legends Legacy update.


Pronounced as Bow-check is a compound bow made as a precision marksman weapon. This weapon will be great for players who like sniping and our confident in their marksmanship skills. Like other compound bows in other games you can hold down the fire button to increase the power of the shot giving maximum power with optimal damage and speed. Repeatedly firing the bow as it reached the maximum power will be the most efficient way to use the bow.

The Bocek uses new ammo, Arrow, this change makes a lot of sense. The arrows work like they do in some other games, sticking in the ground after being fired to be able to get picked up for use again because arrows will be rarer than other ammo types. The 1x hcog classic, 1x holosight, 2x hcog, 1x-2x variable, and 3x hcog optics can all be equipped on this bow. The bow can also be equipped with 2 new hop ups coming to the game, Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo. The bow can even equip both hop-ups simultaneously.

Changes to Olympus in Apex Legends Legacy update

Mysterious ships have entered the map and they have brought a parasitic plant with them which is slowly changing the map. The ships have changed the landscape quiet a bit and now you can land on the main ship, Icarus to loot and fight in the halls of the ghost ship. There is also a mysterious key card that can be found after looting the dead bodies.

Olympus will be in rotation for a whole week after the update drops so that every player is able to experience and explore the new changed to the map.

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy dropping May 4th.

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