Apex Legends: What’s the Max Level you can reach?

Apex Legends features a leveling system, so naturally many people are wondering what’s the Max Level in Apex Legends.

Rarely any games that featuring a leveling up mechanic don’t have a level cap, so finding out Apex Legends’ Max Level Cap is something many want to know because the game doesn’t exactly tell you what’s the max level cap you can reach. After a bit of investigation on the game’s official website however we found the answer.

The game was announced just a few days ago to a surprise release. The game has gotten off to a positive start, already becoming the most viewed game on Twitch just a few hours post release.

What the Max Level in Apex Legends?

According to the game’s website the Max Level Cap in Apex Legend sin Level 100, which should take you quite some time to reach.

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Having a high level is certainly important for bragging rights, but each level up in Apex Legends also gets you some new items. Each time you level up you’ll get rewards like Legend Token or an Apex Pack. You could also get both on some levels, which you can use to unlock new items.

What to do after reaching Max Level in Apex Legends?

After reaching the max level in Apex Legends which is Level 100, players will get Legend Tokens after gaining a set amount of experience. This is done by playing matches, so you have to grind out those pesky Legend Tokens. Legend Tokens are used to unlock all kinds of content, like new characters in the store for example, which cost 12,000 Legend Tokens.

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Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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