Apex Legends: Mirage’s Ultimate Given a Huge Buff

The v1.2 patch for Apex Legends came as a major update with a number of fixes. Along with these fixes, the Mirage’s ultimate has also been given a huge buff. Read on to find out more.

Mirage’s Ultimate move called Vanishing Act is aimed at creating chaos. Being the most deceptive character in Apex Legends, he uses a number of decoys to confuse his enemies while he cloaks himself to escape.

What were the issues with Mirage’s Vanishing Act in Apex Legends?

The Vanishing Act previously made players feel like it was missing something. The move did deceive the opponents to some extent but the invisibility part was always lacking. You were able to spot Mirage if you tried looking closely.

How is the Mirage’s ultimate buffed in the latest patch for Apex Legends?

The latest patch has made the Mirage’s Ultimate stronger than before. The part where the cloaking lacked the element of invisibility has been fixed and now it’s extremely hard to spot Mirage when he uses the Vanishing Act. Many Reddit users have expressed how the buff given to Mirage’s Ultimate in Apex Legends has given him an edge. The improved ultimate ability for Mirage has truly redefined the capabilities of the Legend.

How to counter Mirage’s buffed ultimate in Apex Legends?

Although the buffed Vanishing Act makes Mirage almost completely invisible still you can counter his ultimate ability.


You need to keep an ear out for when he activates the Vanishing Act. Once the sound queue has passed, keep your attention on the floor as there will be signs of movement depending on the terrain.

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This is all you need to know about Mirage’s buffed ultimate ability in Apex Legends. For any more queries, leave a comment below.

Apex Legends is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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