Apex Legends: Progress Lost After Update Bug Fix

Apex Legends has recently received an update which caused many players to lose progress. Read on to find out more about lost progress issue in Apex Legends.

The Patch 1.1 rolled out recently for Battle Royale title. Unfortunately, reports of lost progress became the highlight of the update. Respawn shortly confirmed the issue by tweeting from the official Apex Legends twitter account.

What is the Progress Lost issue in Apex Legends?

After applying the new update, players reported that their accounts were wiped clean of all progress. The reason why players were losing progress was that they were moved to the wrong servers. As the players had no progress on those servers, the progress appeared to be lost.

Apex Legends

So basically, the problem was not with progression being wiped, it was a server issue. It was advised by developers not to progress on the wiped clean account until the issue was fixed.

How did Respawn respond to Progress Lost issue in Apex Legends?

After acknowledging the presence of the issue, Respawn advised the player to not purchase or craft anything till the issue is resolved. Respawn took the server offline to find and fix the lost progress problem in Apex Legends.

Has the Progress Lost issue been resolved in Apex Legends?

After Respawn took the game server down, they were able to find and fix the problem shortly. The players were returned to their original server when the server came back online and their game progression before the patch 1.1 was restored along with their purchases and crafted items. However, if the player made any progress or purchases on the wrong server then that was not restored with the rest of the progress.

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Apex Legends is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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