Apex Legends: Does the game have a Single Player mode?

Apex Legends launched as an online Battle Royale game but does the game have a Single Player mode?

Apex Legends is primarily an online Battle Royale title by Respawn Entertainment, the folks behind the Titanfall series and the original developers of the Call of Duty franchise. Apex Legends is their latest game, but it was more of a merry experiment really as the game initially started off as a Battle Royale mode for Titanfall. During the development of the mode, it became its own mode.

Is there an Apex Legends Single Player mode?

Previous Respawn Entertainment games have all had single player campaigns, with their last game Titanfall 2 having one of the best FPS campaigns ever made. However this changes with Apex Legends which did not launch with a single player campaign. The game in its current state is online only.

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The game is heavily Squad Based, with players spawning in groups of three. There’s a huge emphasis on team work and playing to the strengths of those in your squad.

Apex Legends doesn’t have a single player campaign planned for now, but the developers did make note that they are working on more content for the game.

Could Apex Legends get a Single Player mode in the future?


We really doubt a single player mode will be added on as the studio is apparently working on a new Titanfall title for later this year. They also have Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in development, keeping them super busy. Another reason we think that the game won’t get a single player campaign anytime soon is that the game is primarily free to play.

Apex Legends just launched and its already the most viewed game on Twitch

Other single player titles in the genre like Fornite’s Save the World single player mode are paid for, so if Respawn does make a Apex Legends single player campaign, it might cost money.

Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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