Are we going to hear about the first Steam Machine soon?

Xi3 corporation has just announced that they are going to announce more info about their PISTON™ Console. They have set a release date of 30 September, 2013 on their site as the date of the info reveal.

PISTON™ Console was the first console that was supposed to be the old “Steam Box”. Now that we have known about Steam OS, Machine and Controller, it seems like we will finally get to know our first retail Steam Machine, or not.

Valve had a lot of new announcements this week beginning with Steam OS and concluding with Steam Controller. Valve also announced that they will be releasing Steam Machines by collaborating with various partners. While Valve did distance themselves from Xi3 corporation later, after initially siding with them, Xi3 still announced their PISTON™ Console and didn’t really show the lose of Valve.

Xi3 describes the new PISTON™ Console on their site as

Prominently highlighted today on Xi3’s Website is a gray scale illustration featuring an outline of the iconic shape of the PISTON Console with an equals sign floating in the middle of the outline. Above the PISTON silhouette is a headline that reads, “The wait is over” with the date 09.30.13 featured below the image.

What do you think of this announcement.  Do you think this will turn out to be the first Steam Machine or just a tiny and expensive PC?

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