Arizona Sunshine Will Be Available On Oculus Touch And Vive On December 6

Developed by Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive, Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter game based on a zombie apocalypse. The devs have announced to release it for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive next month on the 6th.

The game is set in a world going through a zombie apocalypse, and the player’s main goal is to shoot as many zombies as he/she can. Although the game is simple, VR adds a completely new dimension to it. Users have to aim by moving their arms, shoot with the trigger, reload by clicking the trackpad, and move position and field of view by turning their body and head.


The game consists of short levels where the player comes across zombies in several different ways. At times zombies crawl towards the players, giving them plenty of time to aim and shoot, but at other times the zombies sprint, forcing users to use their reflexes in order to survive in the game. This pretty much summarizes the gameplay.

Till December 6, devs have announced to give a 15% discount to gamers who get Arizona Sunshine through Oculus Home or Steam. This will drop the price from £29.99 GBP to £25.49. Moreover, pre-orders will also get:

  • an Arizona Sunshine compositor image,
  • a desktop background image,
  • and concept art from the game.


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