Ark Survival Evolved Official Nintendo Switch Screenshots Look Quite Rough

Ark Survival Evolved is coming to the Nintendo Switch as announced by the developer Studio Wildcard. This is one of the most resource heavy game on PC and it also plays terribly on the base PS4 and Xbox One consoles, which led many to speculate the condition on which it will run on the Nintendo Switch.

While there has been no official video footage released so far, we finally had a good look at the game running on the Nintendo Switch hardware thanks to Amazon UK, who have shared screenshots from the game for their listing.

Compared to the PC and console version, this looks like a mobile game. The visual sacrifice to get it running on the Nintendo Switch is a rather interesting one, but this is hardly important if the actual performance of the game is not up to the mark. The same is the case with the PS4 and Xbox One version which suffers from performance issues.

Ark Survival Evolved is an online-focused game and together with Warframe and Fortnite, it adds to the ever-growing list of major third-party Nintendo Switch games with online functionality being the main source of attraction. It will be interesting to see what will be offered once Nintendo launches their own paid online service later this September.

There is no confirmed release date yet but according to the Amazon listing, the game might be out this year on the Nintendo Switch.

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