ARK: Survival Evolved: How to train Dinosaurs and other animals

Taming Dinosaurs and other animals is one of the easiest way to survive in ARK: Survival Evolved. All you need is some kind of food and drugs to feed them.

All creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved must be tamed violently. This can be done by hitting them over the head with a club or your fists, or shooting them with arrows or darts.

You’ll then need to go into the dinosaur/other prehistoric animal’s inventory and place the particular food there. Dodos like berries, for example, while carnivores need meat. The dinosaurs will eat those items when they’ll be hungry. With each consumption, the Taming bar will increase.

It’s incredibly important to keep your creature unconscious during the taming process. The purple Unconscious bar will slowly run out, and if it does, then the animal will wake up and the taming will end. Even worse, you’ll lose any food you put into their inventory, and trying to club them back to sleep will often kill them.


Make sure that you just keep feeding the animal and watching over it. The food consumption requires a large stock of consumables, which may take longer and demand more supplies proportional to animal’s level. Keep feeding the animal until Taming bar gets filled completely. Now, you’ll be awarded a new Dinosaur buddy which can be used as self-defense, companionship, or as a living storage container.

On the other hand, Gigantopithecus, Mesopithecus, Onyc (bats), Ichthyosaurus, and Araneo (spiders) can be tamed nonviolently. To do this, equip their preferred food in your right-most hotbar slot. Approach your target with the food selected, and you’ll receive a message to feed them. Keep feeding them until they are fully tamed. You’ll also have to avoid touching these animals, and make sure they don’t get distracted by nearby prey. Apply Bug Repellent before attempting to tame any Onyc or Araneo, or else they’ll ignore your food offerings and instead attack you.

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