Ark Survival Evolved Update Version 1.75 Is Out [Patch Notes V283.101]

Ark Survival Evolved has been updated to a brand new version and fresh content has been added for DLC in addition to other changes to the game’s code. This patch will update the game to version 1.75 on the PS4.

Ark Survival Evolved is currently available on the PC, PS4, Xbox One. The latest patch for Ark Survival Evolved is officially for version 283.101.

The full set of patch notes for the latest Ark Survival Evolved update can be viewed below.

  • Extinction Chronicles IV
    • Added Tek Parasaur
      • New breeding line
      • 5% chance to spawns
      • 20% higher base level
    • Added new color set (green and black)
    • Added 3 new Explorer Notes and matching unlock (Corrupted Chest)
    • Increased maximum player level by 1
  • Hole fixes on The Island, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, The Center, Aberration
  • Windmills are no longer affected by electric storms
  • Decreased Cliff Platform build radius by half

Ark Survival Evolved was already updated for the PC and Xbox One but the PS4 patch was delayed a little. It has been finally updated today bringing the PS4 version up close to the PC and Xbox One.

Ark Survival Evolved is an open world survival game that is now available to play on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was developed by Studio Wildcard. The game is also confirmed for the Nintendo Switch where it will launch at a later date.

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