Ark Survival Evolved Update Version 287.124 Patch Notes For PC

Ark Survival Evolved update version 287.124 is out now for the PC. This is a server update that was recently released on Steam. Here are the patch notes for it.

Ark Survival Evolved update version 287.124 is more of a small hotfix update that is meant to stop the exploit related to the structure pickup. It has received 2 major updates since December 1st. Ark Survival Evolved is currently thriving again after the release of its latest expansion, Ark Extinction.

Ark Survival Evolved has also recently launched for the Nintendo Switch. The game is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The full patch notes for update version 287.124 can be viewed below.

Ark Survival Evolved Update Version 287.124 Patch Notes For PC

Current Server Version: v287.124

– Fixed exploit related to structure pickup

Current Version: v287.123

– Improved accuracy of sword in all scenarios

Structures+ Integration
– Can pick structures up within 30s of placing

– Charge Lantern
– C4
– Elevator Platforms
– Elevator Tracks
– Electric Generator
– Grill
– Industrial Forge
– Industrial Grinder
– Chem Bench
– Fabricator
– Tek Generator
– Tek Replicator
– Tek Transmitter

– Fixed bug that breaks Cryopod, Managarmer, etc. outside of English

Rock Drake
– Resurrect Tek Rock Drake saddle


– Fixed bug with private servers

Ark Survival Evolved launched as an early access on Steam and Xbox One. It was later ported to the PS4 as well. The game also offers support for PS4 Pro and Xbox One. It can be played on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Ark Survival Evolved was developed by Studio Wildcard who have recently announced another large-scale open world MMO, Atlas.

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