Ark Survival Evolved Update Version 288.114 Patch Notes For PC

Studio Wildcard has released Ark Survival Evolved update version 288.114 today for PC. Here are the patch notes for this update.

As shared earlier, Ark Survival Evolved has just started its winter wonderland event ahead of the holidays. This celebration event kicked off first on PC followed by the PS4 and Xbox One. It is sadly not available on the Nintendo Switch if you were hoping to get your fix on that newly launched platform.

Ark Survival Evolved update version 288.114 is more of a hotfix that resolves some of the issues that the game started to experience after the winter wonderland 2018 patch.

Ark Survival Evolved Update Version 288.114 Patch Notes For PC

Element Veins
– Fix for bug in cleanup

Winter Wonderland
– Tweak to GachaClaus loot

Ark Survival Evolved released its last major expansion called Extinction earlier this week. The developers have now moved on to post-launch support and don’t have any plans currently to release more expansions or content for the game. They just announced a new major MMO called Atlas that will launch as early access release on PC this year followed by a release on consoles later down the line.

Ark Survival Evolved is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It has also released for the Nintendo Switch, but the state of affairs for this port is rather bad with a terrible performance and image quality.

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