Arkham Knight finally revealed, is a completely new character

Going against the rumors which Rocksteady denied from the get go, people expected Batman: Arkham Knight’s star headliner to be either Batman in a new suit or Owlman from the comics. Instead as Rocksteady cleared when they revealed the game, the Arkham Knight is a brand new character and we have super high res pictures, check them out below.


Above is a render of the Arkham Knight which looks like a futuristic rendition of Batman’s suit, the suit reminds me of Batman: Beyond which is a personal favorite. The Arkham Knight will be the main antagonist of Batman: Arkham Knight and will be Batman’s great opponent yet. It’s great to see not only video games trying to separate themselves from licensed IPs but also trying to add to the series mythos. I certainly have my pre-order ready. Check out the second second of the Arkham Knight below shooting his gun while jumping in the air.


Below is the full gallery of the newly released screenshots:

So to recap all we know about the Arkham Knight is that he’s a new character, wields guns, has a futuristic suit and will be fighting Batman. The game certainly looks great so far, even Paul Dini said so. What do you think of the Arkham Knight? Like the character design? Let us know in the comments below.

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