Ashen Will Release On Other Platforms Including Steam, Play Anywhere Also Planned

Ashen was recently announced as an Epic Games Store timed exclusive which left fans wondering if it will ever come to Steam.

Ashen was first revealed as an Xbox One Play Anywhere game, which means you could buy a copy of it on Xbox One, or Windows 10, and play it on both platforms. This is still not active even though the game is out now on Xbox One and Epic Games Store.

Ashen is inspired by the difficulty curve and design of the Souls series but manages to make enough changes to keep its own identity. It has been teased for a long time now, and with the game being out, the only question left was will it ever release on Steam or Windows 10 store those who want to use the Play Anywhere initiative enjoy it as well.

Ashen publisher Annapurna has now confirmed that all of this is coming and being planned for the future, so this seems more fo a case of miscommunication regarding the timed exclusivity to the Epic Games Store.

Ashen is currently available on Xbox Game Pass and can be played on the Xbox One or Xbox One X. To play it on PC, you need to use the newly launched Epic Games Store by the game developer and publisher Epic Games, who are known for Fortnite and Unreal Engine 4.

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