Assassin’s Creed Unity: Early User Talks About PC Performance, Low vs. Ultra Image Comparison

Assassin’s Creed Unity is apparently out in the wild for the PS4, Xbox One and now the PC. If the early impressions are anything to go by, this doesn’t sound like a good port on PC.

The game’s minimum and recommended requirements were quite hefty compared to your traditional multiplatform game. They listed Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 as the recommended graphics card and a Core i7 as the the recommended CPU. The minimum requirements were also surprisingly higher with a GTX 680 and a core i5 as the minimum required hardware. So now that the PC version is out, we are getting early impressions of the game.

First, check out a comparison between the low quality versus the ultra quality in the game.

(Right is Low, Left is Ultra)

[twentytwenty]acunity-low ac-unity-max[/twentytwenty]

NeoGAF user EzioCroft who shared these screenshots also talked about pop-in issues with the game. He was still having trouble getting locked 60 fps with a GTX 780 and and i7 2600k, which seem to meet the recommended requirement of the game. From what we have seen of the PS4 version of the game, the game does appear to be slightly pared back on the consoles compared to the PC. This might be a result of the huge quantity of the NPCs in the game, which can be as high as 5000 NPCs at a time.

You can also check out screenshots of the PC version from here or the PS4 version from here.

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