Astral Chain DLC currently not in plans, could be expanded into a trilogy

The team behind upcoming action title Astral Chain currently doesn’t have any plans for DLC, although the game could be part of something bigger.

The Platinum Games developed Switch exclusive releases on August 30 and is one the most anticipated games of the year after being shown off for the first time a few months back.

Astral Chain’s director Takahisa Taura mentioned in an interview with IGN Benelux that they currently have no plans for release extra content for the game. However as far as the game’s story is considered they have a lot of ground they can cover. Taura mentioned that if the game sells well, it could lead to future installment. The director further mentioned that he’s looking into ways to expand the story into a trilogy or maybe even more.

Just as an interesting tidbit, this is Taura’s first game as a game director however he’s been an integral part of some prior Platinum Games titles. He worked as a Senior Game Designer on Nier: Automata as well as a Game Designer on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance amongst other titles. He certainly is one of the rising stars of the Japanese game industry, so we’re expecting something special from his first game as the boss.

The world of Astral Chain certainly looks interesting and with the signature Platinum Games gameplay style complementing it, we can’t wait to dive into it just around two months from now.

Thoughts on what you’ve seen of the game so far? Will you be getting Astral Chain when it comes out in August for the Switch? Let us know in the comments below.

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