Astroneer Announced For Xbox One Game Preview

Astroneer, a procedurally generated Interplanetary exploration game from developer System Era Softworks, has now been announced to be coming as a Game Preview to the Xbox One. This announcement comes courtesy of an official post by Brendan Wilson, Co-Founder at System Era Softworks, on Xbox Wire.

In this post he describes how the Xbox Game Preview program will allow the developer to get the game into the hands of players, while it is still in the early stages of it’s development, allowing them to provide feedback and observe the evolution of the development process.

Astroneer takes place in a near future setting in which the rapid development of technology in the field of space travel has made travelling to the stars a fast and inexpensive journey. Exo Dynamics, the dominant corporation in space travel, has made these flights open to the citizens of Earth, hence igniting the fire for a brand new gold rush.


The player, one such prospector, must take to the stars in search of fortune and glory as you explore a plethora of harsh new worlds, building bases, harvesting valuable resources, and precious artifacts.


As evident from the trailer above, every inch of these planets can be dug and restructured as the players see fit, allowing the construction of vast underground tunnel networks, massive above ground structures, etc. The game will also feature online co-op for up to four players.

Astroneer is set to be released via the Xbox Game Preview Program for the Xbox One and via Steam Early Access for Windows 10 in December of 2016.

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