Atlas MMO Delayed For The Third Time As Twitch Streamers Keep Waiting For It To Launch

Atlas is an upcoming pirate-themed MMO from Studio Wildcard, the developers of Ark Survival Evolved. They had a massive success with their game in early access and they are hoping to see the same with Atlas, but the game still hasn’t launched at all on PC.

Twitch streamers have confirmed that they have received their review keys for Atlas and are ready to stream it. The game was delayed at least two times before it was supposed to launch earlier today, but even then, it was abruptly delayed to another date again.

This happened around the same time as roughly 33K people were watching the launch of the game on Twitch, but that was without the actual game functioning in any way. While the game is available to download, without the servers going live, no one is expected to play it until the developers decide to launch it.

Atlas was originally announced at The Game Awards with a fairly ambitious trailer that promised a huge open world. It was set to launch on December 13 and then was subsequently delayed to December 19. Finally, when the game was confirmed with a firm date of December 21, it was delayed again without any comment.

It is strange why the developers are so adamant to launch this game this year if it is still not ready to release yet. Twitch viewers have started to call it a joke by now, while the official Twitter account has now set the date for December 22, which is today. It will be interesting to see how this MMO fares from the developers considering how much issues Ark Survival Evolved faced in its early access.

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