Atlas Trailer vs. Reality Video Shows How The Devs Sold Another Game With Fake Marketing

Atlas was supposed to be an ambitious game on PC with early access launch that promised 40,000 users in a server, but as it is often the case, the developers ended up far too overpromising and massively underdelivering.

Atlas is currently available on Steam with early access and if you just take a look at the Steam page, it is full of negative reviews from almost everyone who has played the game. It is now surprising to see such scores if the game is in early access and looks ambitious, but this is a special case because the developer, Studio Wildcard, has a history with doing the same thing with their games in the past.

The video linked above gives a pretty good idea of how Atlas’ premiere trailer had ‘fake’ marketing footage to sell the game, while the reality is that the experience that is currently being offered is not even close to even the one seen in the trailer. It is far from it, with a buggy mess of a game that has left its users disappointed.

Atlas is currently only available on Steam. The game also had a troubled launch with multiple delays making it the butt of joke among the Twitch streamers, and despite all that, it has still suffered through the early access and tons of bugs that are still plaguing the game.

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