Atlas Update Version 11 Patch Notes For PC

Atlas update version 11 is available to download now on PC. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

Atlas is from Studio Wildcard who are publishing it under their new label, Grapeshot Games. The game is still available in early access and exclusively available on Steam for PC. The developers have plans to launch it on other platforms including the Xbox One, but judging from the rough launch of the game on PC, it still has a long way to go before they meet this goal.

Atlas update version 11 patch notes can be viewed below.

Atlas Update Version 11 Patch Notes For PC


– Re-enabled weapon/attack based feats
– Fixed game exploits


– Temporarily disabled weapon/attack based feats


– Claim Flag Settings have now been enabled
– Taxing Resources now affect crops
– Tax Bank will stack items similar to a Crew Resource Box
– Tax Bank will no longer allow you to drag item’s into the inventory, so to prevent items from being taxed, they must be dragged from within the Tax Bank itself to the ignore folder.
– Cost of Drake Token has been reduced to 20,000 Gold Coins and is now available for purchase at the cosmetic vendor in freeports.
– 25% buff to explosives against stone structures


– Changed how custom blueprints are crafted for STACKABLE items when they’re given a stat roll:
> If a stackable item is crafted from the same blueprint and you already have an item crafted from that blueprint in your inventory, it will stack on that pre-existing item and not receive a different Intelligence Stat Bonus.
> If you want a different roll from the same blueprint, you must make sure that you do not have an item which was crafted from that same BP in your inventory (stated or non)
> This means that you can keep rolls by keeping the item in your inventory when crafting from the BP, even if you do not have the level of intelligence required to get the crafting bonus. Alternatively, you can remove the stated item from your inventory to get a new roll from the BP.
– Resource respawn should now function as they did on Lawless servers prior to v10.
– 50% reduction in the enemy structure prevention radius so that you can now build closer together on Lawless Servers.


– Wild land creatures will no longer target crew, tames, or characters on ships unless they have been aggro’d
– Fixed a bug where Ship of the Damned would have rapid fire
– Temporarily reduced Crew Log length as it undergoes some rewrites because it would cause performance problems.


– Fixed a bug which prevented cannons from being reloaded
– Tightened up server-side protection on gliders
– Fixed an exploit with mortars


– Fixed Ramshackle sloops breaking when you leave freeports
– Fixed a bug which prevented you from accessing newly tamed inventories unless you relogged
– Fixed a bug which caused Mantrays to be unusually aggressive
– Comodity trader gold cost increased

Atlas is available now as early access release on Steam.

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