Atlus Registers More Persona 5 Related Domains Hinting At New Announcements

Atlus is on domain registration and update spree with something related to Persona 5. They recently updated the Persona 5 R domain which is supposedly a ‘complete’ version of the game, while they also have Persona 5 U domain.

The following domains were registered by Atlus recently (via). They all relate to Persona 5 in one way or another.

  • Persona5R.JP
  • P5S.JP
  • Persona5S.JP
  • Persona5M.JP
  • P5M.JP
  • P5B.JP
  • Persona5B.JP

Domain registration has always been a clue regarding Atlus games with Catherina Full Body, Persona 3 Dancing and Persona Q2 all leaking earlier than their official announcements thanks to the domain registration done by Atlus.

Most of these domains are not going to lead to new announcements, but it is possible that some of them can be utilized for Persona 5 related products. This can range from new games, spin-offs, to even multimedia like anime. It just depends on when Atlus is willing to reveal them.

One of the potentials reveals event that is happening soon is on December 30th. If there is an announcement related to these new domains, it can happen during this event. For more details on the Persona 5 leak that teased a new game and a fighting spin-off, make sure to check out our article covering both of them from here.

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