Atlus Teases Multiple Game Announcements For 2019

Atlus has developed a variety of different RPGs and games across various formats but they are most commonly known for their work on Persona series. They are now teasing multiple game announcements for 2019.

In weekly Famitsu, Atlus has shared their new year’s greeting card that teases new game announcement (via). In addition to this, they have registered multiple Persona 5 related domains and are slowly updating them to their official servers. It is about time we get a new announcement from them as earlier rumors have stated that they will release a ‘complete’ edition of Persona 5 and a fighting game spin-off by Arc System Works.

As far as their 2019 lineup is concerned, they have Catherine Full Body, Persona Q2, and Shin Megami Tensei V confirmed for 2019. They are also working on a brand new action RPG under the Persona development team, but it is probably far off from any official announcement. It is possible that they might share something regarding their projects in early 2019 so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Persona 5 is the best selling Persona game for Atlus. They released it on the PS3 and PS4 in early 2017. Atlus has always released an updated version of the Persona games later down the line beginning with Persona 3. It won’t be surprising to see them doing the same with Persona 5. They have previously released a fighting game spin-off for Persona 4 in addition to dancing spin-off for all three recent Persona games.

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