Atlus USA Shuts Down Persona 5 For PC and Xbox One Rumor, Says It Won’t Happen

Persona 5 is currently confirmed for a release on PS3 and PS4 this Summer in Japan. It was originally set for a release as a PS3 exclusive in Winter 2014 which was then later delayed to 2015. Atlus then added PS4 as a platform along with PS3 and the game was delayed to Summer 2016 in Japan.

The official Persona 5 website was hacked recently by a fan who added the PC version of the game as a new addition to the website along with a fake release date. This was quickly proved to be false as people caught on the hack and it was removed by Atlus. After this hack, Atlus USA PR was quick to talk about it on Twitter mentioning how he had a chat with the web security team to make sure that incidents like this don’t happen again.

He was then approached by a fan asking if it was possible to get Persona 5 on the PC. John Hardin stressed that from what he has heard, that won’t happen. He repeated the same to another fan asking about a potential Xbox One version of the game.


So if you had any hope of getting Persona 5 on either the Xbox One or PC, you better drop it. Persona 5 will be released this Summer for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan. The game still hasn’t received a confirmed release date but Atlus is currently hosting a livestream on May 5th that might reveal the official date in Japan, and possibly worldwide as well.

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