Atlus Working On A Possible PS3 Game Remaster With Additional Content – Rumor

Atlus has been known for their quality but limited output the last generation and their last work was Persona 5, which has received critical acclaim. The developers have also tried their luck with a new IP on PS3 and Xbox 360 in the form of Catherine, and a recent rumor points towards a remaster of Catherine currently in development for the current generation consoles.

The source of the rumor is a Japanese user Ryokutya who is a consistent source of early magazine leaks. He has apparently heard from his sources that Atlus are working on remastering one of their most popular PS3 game with additional content. This points towards Catherine for the most part because when it initially launched, Catherine was one of the most popular game by Atlus on the PS3/Xbox 360. It also sold more than 200k copies after its Western launch and proved to be a surprise success for Atlus.

While the rumor doesn’t confirm or list any games, all signs point towards Catherine being a strong contender here. Before the release of Persona 5, Catherine was used as a test bed of sorts to see how the Persona 5 engine scales to the current generation consoles. If the rumor about the remaster is true, we might hear about it from Atlus next year.

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