Awesome New Features Coming Soon to DayZ

So far, DayZ’s development team has done an amazing job with their game. They bring out a new update almost every week, which keeps making the game better and better. They’ve made weapons and many other things better over the last few weeks and and many of the game’s features are constantly being polished. The month of February will be no different. The Dev Team are going to add more weapons, extended mechanics for all those pesky tools we keep finding (like the hammer), improved weather system and most likely 80 player servers!. Let’s look at some of the features in detail.

2128095-169_dayZ_standalone AK

There have been a couple of leaks when it comes to the upcoming assault rifles. Game Designer, Dean Hall, has hinted hinted that the next weapon in DayZ will be something similar to the M4A1, with an attachment system just as extensive. This means the AK-47 will be a very useful weapon. The multiple attachments will make it a gun useful in any situation. Hall also told us about Chernarus and how he wants it to be based on

real life areas, and his goal is to capture the overall feel of Czechoslovakia. To do this, he will be focusing on adding more police-type weapons and items, and make military-grade arms rarer. The first step will be the introduction of the MP5 and MP5K SMG’s, which will definitely add to the growing diversity of weapons in the game.

The health system is also changing. You will be able use the defibrillator and help unconscious allies regain consciousness. However, it will not bring people back from the dead. The Dev Team are thinking about adding Heart Attacks to the game.

The Weather effects are another elements that will be undergoing change and will influence how you play the game. I guess the Dev Team are bring back the Heat System from the DayZ Mod. The Heat System effected the players character, where you could get sick and freeze without proper clothing and with prolonged exposure to cold and moisture.


Heat packs will most likely see a come-back, and we can expect the heat system to be much more extensive in the DayZ Standalone than the mod. Weather will also be more dynamical, and rain will surely add to the post-apocalyptic feel of the game.

A change that has already been added the experimental branch of DayZ is the 80-100 player servers. However, the 100 players servers have gotten quiet laggy at times but the 80 player servers don’t have any lag issues.

A few new items are also being added through these updates. The image of these items are given below:

DayZ itemsPlaying DayZ? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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