Axl Low Trailer Released

Arc System Works has provided a steady stream of monthly information on New Guilty Gear. At CEO Otaku, they announced May and teased another familiar character who would be returning. At SEA Major 2019 a fan favorite made their return in a brand new trailer. Arc System Works also made a huge announcement that answered some questions and raised quite a few others.

Axl Low takes the spotlight in the latest trailer for New Guilty Gear. As a series mainstay, his inclusion was not a surprise but his new style and moveset definitely were. While the trailer was short–essentially a teaser in itself–it provides a solid look of what we can expect from the character going forward.

Arc System Works made two more big announcements. First, Sol, Ky, May and Axl are confirmed to be playable characters in the upcoming demo at ARCREVO America 2019. In addition that roster is not finalized–two more unannounced characters will be playable as well. Lastly, the date for the next trailer was revealed: November 3rd, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. (PST).

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