Bandai Namco announce the latest fighting game: Rise of Incarnates

Bandai Namco, the guys behind one of the most famous fighting games ever, Tekken and SoulCaliber, have announced yet another game of the same category called “Rise of Incarnates”. The game will be a free to play and is scheduled to be launched for PC later this year. Joon Hwang, the director of Digital Games at the company said at the announcement

“As a new franchise, Rise of Incarnates represents the next big step in expanding BANDAI NAMCO’s footprint in the Free-to-Play gaming space. Having been built from the ground up, Rise of Incarnates contains the necessary attributes that create a rich and dynamic gaming environment that fans are sure to enjoy.”


According to the developers, the game is a 2 on 2 brawl with “a multitude of characters and roles, and battlegrounds throughout shattered yet accurately rendered real-world cityscapes”. You take the role of “Incarnates”, humans that command untold mythical powers as they vie to avoid tragedy and reshape the course of their world. The Incarnates would have with their own special skills and abilities and they are called to make use of their abilities when a mysterious voice calls them out to destroy the “Sovereign of this era” to avoid certain destruction. As a result of the vast abilities to chose from, the play style can be varied from close combat to long-range fighting, depending on your incarnate.

Rise of Incarnates

The official reveal trailer gives us an early peek at the game and details four different incarnates while giving us a glimpse of their skills. If this is the kind of game you would enjoy, then head over to the game’s official site to get more information about the game and the characters. Besides that, to get an early taste of the action you signup to participate in the alpha version of the game when its available.

Do you think this game would be as famous as the Tekken series or it won’t be able to reach the same heights? Let us know in the comments!

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