Bandai Namco Working On Improving The Online-Play Experience For Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ has proven to be a smash hit for Bandai Namco however it also had a rather shaky launch when it comes to playing the game online. While the game offers plenty of single player content, the online multiplayer has received several complaints due to its clunky matchmaking and server related issues.

Recently, Bandai Namco has shared an official update on the status of online-play for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The launch of DRAGON BALL FighterZ has been nothing short of phenomenal in regards to support from Dragon Ball and fighting game fans. However, a side-effect of this massive support has been online-play difficulties that could not have been anticipated without the actual launch of the game taking place.

We are in constant communication with the dev team, keeping them apprised of the issues, and they are working on solutions to improve the online-play experience for DRAGON BALL FighterZ. We want to thank everyone for their continued patience and we’ll share more news pertaining to improvements for DRAGON BALL FighterZ’s online-play experience as soon as they are available.

Reading the statement, it is clear that they are well aware of the issues and are actively working with the development team to solve them. Hopefully the issue can be fixed quickly so people who have bought the game at launch can enjoy the full potential of it.

Let us know if you have faced any issue with Dragon Ball FighterZ in the comments below.

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