Batman: Arkham Knight DLC ‘Batgirl: A Matter of Family’ releases on July 14

Batman: Arkham Knight’s next DLC is ‘Batgirl: A Matter of Family’ and will for the first time in the Arkham games allow fans to play as Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon aka Oracle. By the looks of it the DLC will be a prequel as Batgirl is… not in the best shape to climb rooftops as we saw of her in Arkham Knight.

The DLC will apparently take place in an “all-new location” according to the press release and will have “Dual Play functionality with Robin for dynamic take-down manoeuvres”. Lets see which Robin they have us play alongside Batgirl (fingers crossed it’s the “old Robin”).


It’s also interested to see that this DLC is being developed by WB Games Montreal, the creators of Batman: Arkham Origins. The rest of the Season Pass content will be handled by Rocksteady. Lets see who provides us with the better DLC content.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family releases for Season Pass holders on July 14 on the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One while it releases for everyone on July 21.

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