Batman Arkham Knight Guide: How To Find All Riddler Trophies On Miagani Island

Miagani Island is one of the three major hubs in Batman Arkham Knight and Riddler has hidden his trophies all over this Island, just like he did with Bleake Island and Founder Island. This guide only covers Miagani Island.

It is important to mention here that if you plan to collect all the Riddler trophies, you need to first finish the main story in order to gain access to all the gadgets including the Disruptor and Voice Synthesizer. All of these are essentials to getting the Riddler trophies in the game.


YouTube user NukemDukem has created this handy guide covering Riddler Trophies on Miagani Island. Check it out below.

If you want to look for the other Islands, check out the guide covering Riddler Trophies in Bleake Island and Founder Island. You can also check out a guide on How to unlock DLC and Pre-Order Costumes Guide.

If you are player Arkham Knight on PC and having issues with performance, you can try these optimization tricks to get the most out of your graphics card. You can also wait for future patches as Rocksteady Studios are currently working on fixing the PC version of the game, and they have just released a brand new patch for the game on PC.

Batman Arkham Knight is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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