Batman Arkham Knight: Here’s Your First Look At The Upcoming December DLC

Warner Bros. Interactive has recently released the November DLC for all the Season Pass owners of Batman Arkham Knight. The November DLC includes two brand new Arkham Episodes featuring Catwoman and Robin. There was also a new update released for the game in November that added character switch to Predator challenges.

We can now get a closer look at the upcoming December DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight featuring a huge Story DLC called Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion. This Story DLC will feature never before seen Boss Battles including Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Ra’s Al Ghul and Mad Hatter. In addition to this Story DLC, Season Pass owners will be able to get Batman Begins Skin.

You can take a look at the upcoming DLC in the screenshots below.

batman-arkham-knight-december-dlc (4)

See the details about the December DLC below.


  • Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion
  • Mission: Beneath The Surface (Killer Croc)
  • Mission: In From the Cold (Mister Freeze)
  • Mission: Wonderland (Mad Hatter)
  • Mission: Shadow War (Ra’s Al Ghul)
  • 2008 Movie Batman Skin
  • Original Arkham Batmobile
  • Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5
  • 6 TBC AR Challenges

Batman Arkham Knight is available now on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive.

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