Batman Arkham Knight PC Version Gets DLC Achievements Ahead Of October Update

Warner Bros. Interactive has apparently started adding DLC achievements for Batman Arkham Knight on PC ahead of the end-of-October update. As confirmed by Rocksteady Studios, this update will also bring the PC version up-to-date with the console version in term of Season Pass DLCs and Patch Content.

Reddit user RdJokr noticed the inclusion of achievements for Batman Arkham Knight on PC. The achivements that are added so far include Nightwing Story DLC, Catwoman Story DLC and Batmobile DLC Packs. More will be added with time before the patch is officially released.

batman-december-dlc (2)

Batman Arkham Knight originally launched on PC the same day as the PS4 and Xbox One version. It had a disastrous launch and was quickly pulled away from further sales on PC until majority of the issues were fixed. Warner Bros. Interactive still hasn’t released any of the Season Pass DLC for the game on PC. If these achievements are any indication, the PC version might also get the DLC soon.

Batman Arkham Knight launched with a rather pricey Season Pass that cost $40 at launch. So far, the DLC that has been released is lackluster but we are getting atleast 4 more Story DLCs in the coming months, as revealed by Warner Bros. Interactive. Hopefully these story DLCs can justify the price of the Season Pass.

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