Batman Arkham Knight Potential Future DLC Costumes Leaked In Concept Art

Batman Arkham Knight is set to receive these new DLC costumes based on this concept art of the characters that was released by Warner Bros. Interactive. This concept art reveals some of the already released costumes like the Zur En Arhh Costume and also teases some of the future ones.

You can check out this concept art in the image below.


We can spot Redhood Skin, Batman Justice Skin and Batman Hush Skin among others in the concept art below. It is possible that Warner Bros. Interactive might release these skins as future DLCs.

These costumes might be a candidate for any of the upcoming month for DLC. We have already received two months of DLC for Batman Arkham Knight. In July , Warner Bros. Interactive released the Batgirl DLC while in August, they released various Skin Packs and a Batmobile 1989 movie pack as DLC. We know that we are getting a new story DLC and a new Batmobile pack in September.

Batman Arkham Knight is out now on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is currently broken since launch but it is set to receive a major update in the coming few weeks.

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