Batman Arkham Knight’s Patch 1.10 Fixes Critical Save Corrupting Bug On PS4 and Xbox One

Rocksteady Studios has released a brand new update for Batman Arkham Knight on PS4 and Xbox One. This update is essential for those who have the DLC “Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2” downloaded as it fixes the save corrupting bug that could have potentially affected those who played this Challenge Pack DLC.

This new update is under 300 MB and it should be live on the PS4 and Xbox One. You can read the changelog below which details this save game bug, that can potentially wipe out progress in the game.

Version 1.10:

Fixed Uncontainable from Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2 causing damage to save games if playing an Arkham Episode afterwards. Please switch to a backup save if you’ve been affected by this – unfortunately your most recent progress can not be restored.

batman-arkham-knight-october-dlc (5)

In addition to this, we also learn about the upcoming DLC for Batman Arkham Knight that should be released today for the PS4 and tomorrow for the Xbox One. The following DLC is confirmed for this week.

  • 60’s skin pack
  • Crime Fighter Challenge Map Pack 3
  • 70’s Batmobile skin

Batman Arkham Knight is also getting re-released for PC on October 28th. This re-release will also add all the available DLC for the Season Pass holders on PC.

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