Batman Arkham Origins And More Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibiltiy

Microsoft has added more games to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program today. The big news is that Batman Arkham Origins is finally making its way to the Xbox One although the caveat here is that it is only available if you have purchased a retail disc of the game. The other two games that are confirmed for Backwards Compatibility include Deadliest Warrior, Disney Bolt and Fighting Vipers.

Batman Arkham Origins is the only Batman game that wasn’t remastered for the current generation consoles. It is a prequel to the Batman Arkham Trilogy by Rocksteady Games that features a completely new villain. The game received some criticism at launch due to its technical issues but despite that, some fans still consider it one of the best game in the Arkham series. If you own the Batman Arkahm Remasters and Batman Arkham Knight on the Xbox One, you should be able to play the complete collection starting today.

The other games that are added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility include Deadliest Warrior, Disney Bolt and Fighting Vipers.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility has slowly grown over the years adding more games. It has now managed to add majority of the popular Xbox 360 games and the best part is that these games are your to play on the Xbox One if you have purchased them for your Xbox 360. Microsoft is expanding the Backwards Compatibility program with the inclusion of Xbox 1 games later this fall.

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