Batman: Arkham Origins developers working on “new IP project for next generation game platforms”

WB Games Montreal, the folks behind Batman: Akrham Origins, are working on a new IP for next generation platforms according to a new job listing.

The Canadian developer is looking for a Lead Gameplay Programmer, to work on a “new IP project for next generation game platforms”.

The job listing contains some useful hints with what WB Games’ next project could be. First of all the applicant should have experience “Shipping a AAA console game with a multiplayer is a must” so looks like their game will incorporate multiplayer in some way.

It also states those apply should have “familiarity” with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, which was expected as most if not all Warner Bros. games use the engine. All the Batman: Arkham games including Origins which WB Games Montreal developed independently and Knight which they helped create DLC for, ran on Unreal Engine 3.

Little is known about what WB Games are actually working on. Rumors indicated that they were handed the Arkham series after Rocksteady Studios finished Arkham Knight. Supposedly they stated working on a Damien Wayne game set in the same universe but that was later cancelled. Now they’re likely to be working on a brand new project still set in the DC Universe.

There’s been rumors of an Arkham Universe game which could be WB Games’ project not Rocksteady as suggested. The latter is most likely working on a Justice League title, probably being developed as a GaaS project with help from this studio.

Studios everywhere are busy hiring for next-gen platforms that include the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Ex-Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics were last seen hiring for developers with “next-gen experience” while Sony is already hiring a Product Manager for a “next generation Playstation campaign”. Next-gen is almost here, are you excited?

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