Batman: Arkham Origins Studio Hiring; New Batman Game Inbound?

Batman: Arkham Origins Studio Hiring; New Batman Game Inbound?

Will Batman: Arkham Origins be getting a sequel?

Warner Bros. Montreal, the studio behind the creation of Batman: Arkham Origins, has started to hire developers in order to commence work on an open-world game. On their job postings page, there have been several openings, but why would the studio want to hire a handful of developers? Perhaps to begin work on the sequel of Batman: Arkham Origins?

The first two job description details are as follows:

“ANIMATOR: As an Animator, you work closely with the Lead Animator to maintain and create high quality animations for real time game movement in both gameplay and cinematics. You also assist Leads in helping define process and pipelines along with aesthetic goals. You will be expected to mentor more junior animators and to have an awareness of the impact of assets on performance.

ART DIRECTOR (PRESENTATION): Do you want to join our studio as an Art Director (Presentation) responsible for the visual direction of video game user interfaces? You will collaborate with team’s creative directors and art directors responsible for character and environment art. You will also lead a team of UI artists and UX designers and work closely with UI programmers and will report to the producer responsible for the UI team.”

If you scroll deeper, you will come across the role of the technical director role where it states that:

“Scripting languages and design tools of the Unreal Engine.”

This would suggest that the upcoming video, which currently does not feature a title, is going to be powered by Unreal Engine 4, since that is most current graphical engine being used in games. Warner Bros. Montreal has not suggested anything, but it is possible that we will be bearing witness to a Batman: Arkham Origins sequel, since the video game belongs to the open world category and is much larger compared to Arkham City in terms of size and side missions.

Looks like we are going to have to see what the studio has planned for us in the coming months.


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