Batman Court of Owls Game Artwork Has Possibly Leaked, Is This The Next Batman Game?

New pieces of concept art suggest that Batman Court of Owls is potentially the next game in the franchise.

Batman Court of Owls rumor resurfaced at the end of last year ahead of The Game Awards. It was supposedly the next Batman game that was in development at Warner Bros. Montreal, and the reveal was supposed to happen at The Game Awards until it didn’t. Warner Bros. Montreal, meanwhile, is teasing a game for release in 2019, so what can it be?

While there is no official confirmation of the next Batman game or even the rumor that it is based on Court of Owls comic storyline, there were a few pieces of concept art posted by an artist who has previously worked with Warner Bros. that has added further fuel to the fire.

These concept art pieces were shared (via) by the artist Eddie Mendoza on his Artstation profile. Normally, this is perfectly fine for an artist to share such artwork and credit it as fan-made artwork. In the past, this has happened with Berserk as well. What makes this one different is that while the artist originally posted this on his Artstation profile, he mysteriously¬†removed them soon afterward, which made it look like this artwork wasn’t supposed to make it online yet.

The artwork mostly shows Batman fighting against a set of goons from the Court of Owls which lines up with the earlier rumors. The artist himself has listed Warner Bros. as one of the clients and after removing such a specific piece of artwork, it is fine to speculate that this might be the next Batman game. The artwork itself looks great and features Batman prominently kicking and punching the goons.

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