New Batman Game Teased By Warner Bros. Montreal Possibly Based On ‘Court of Owls’

Warner Bros. Montreal is working on a secret Batman related project for a while now, and it appears they might have just teased Court of Owls.

If you don’t know Warner Bros. Montreal, they have worked on Batman Arkham Origins, which was a good game that unfortunately didn’t fare well with critics due to bugs and technical issues. Since the release of Batman Arkham Origins, we haven’t really heard about their next project.

In a new tease, that could be considered speculation, to be honest, it might seem like they are working on a Batman game based on the Court of Owls storyline.

First take a look at this tweet, as some fans were quick to notice, this is a logo for Court of Owls. Here is a description of them from Wiki.

The Court of Owls is an organized crime group and secret society appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. They have secretly existed since colonial times in Gotham City.

The logo for Court of Owls looks strikingly similar to the one seen on the back of the shirt wore by the Warner Bros. Montreal producer.

So while we have this tease from a producer, the game is not going to be announced anytime soon. If you were hoping to see this at The Game Awards, we have some bad news for you.

This tweet was sent by the creative director, so not just Rocksteady Studios, but Warner Bros. Montreal is not making any announcements at The Game Awards. This leaves the door open for Mortal Kombat 11 from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to get an announcement at The Game Awards this week.

The good news is that their game might get a release next year, as spotted on the LinkedIn profile of one of the developers working at Warner Bros. Montreal. They have a ‘project 2019’ in development, which can mean it is set to release next year. We just have to wait and see what game it is before jumping to conclusions, but it is still fun to speculate about it.

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