Batman: The TellTale Series Receives A Mysterious 22 GB Update On PC

Batman: The Telltale Series has received a string of two mysterious updates on PC recently the combined size for these two updates are around 22 GB which is rather huge for a game of this size. The more puzzling factor here is that these updates are all getting released long after the original season has ended with the first episode of Season 2 out this week.

Currently there is a thread over at reddit where users are discussing the details behind this update while some have claimed that this update has wiped out their save games. The saves cannot be loaded after the update because of an apparent change in directory for the save games folder. To solve it, you will have to manually copy and paste your saves in the new ‘Telltale Games\Batman The Telltale Series’ directory.

One of the reddit user has managed to get in touch with support team for the game but even then, the answer that he received about the purpose of the patch was left ambiguous with the support person simply stating that the larger size is because of the changes in the game files that are included with the patch.


Thank you for updating your ticket. Just to be clear, have you downloaded and installed the 12GB patch? This is an update that provides a number of fixes and updates for the game. Unfortunately, its large size is due to the fact that it is modifying nearly every game file. We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes.

For your question about the saves, if you have not been playing on the cloud previously, you should use your local files. However, if you have been using your cloud save, then you should download your cloud save.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.



Even if this update is intended for bug fixes, it feels like the time has long passed as people have now moved on to the next season for Batman: The TellTale Series. One thing is for sure here, TellTale really needs to step up their engine support on PC and other platforms because it feel archaic in its current state.

Let us know if you have noticed any major update or issues with your copy of Batman: The TellTale Series on Steam in the comments below.

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