Batman Writer Paul Dini Has Confidence In Rocksteady’s Latest Project, Asks Fans To Trust Rocksteady

Batman Arkham games were originally written by Paul Dini. While he didn’t write Arkham Origins, he did write the previous two games by Rocksteady Studios. Although, it seems like he is not going to be involved in the conclusion of the trilogy by Rocksteady Studios. Still, it seems that he is confident in the ability and work of Rocksteady Studios and urges the fans to trust them.

Paul Dini seemed rather surprised over the announcement of a new Arkham game. “Um, the Arkham what now? All news to me.” said Paul Dini in a tweet on Twitter. Later, when he got more info about the project, he seemed rather pleased with what he saw and had confidence in Rocksteady ability to handle this new game.

Okay I just read the announcement and saw the father/son promo. Really the first I’ve heard of it. However, it looks kick-ass…

And as it’s Rocksteady, you know it’s going to be great. I can’t wait to see more.

Trust Rocksteady, gang. They know Batman.


Given that Paul Dini wrote the other two Batman games by Rocksteady, it is rather nice to hear good words about this new one from him. Hopefully, Rocksteady can deliver another classic and close their Batman trilogy with another successful entry.

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