Battlefield 1 File Size Revealed for PS4

Battlefield 1 is an upcoming first person shooter shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Although the game is titled ‘Battlefield 1’, it is actually the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield franchise, and the first main entry in the series since Battlefield 4, which was released in 2013.

Like the previous games in the franchise, Battlefield 1 primarily focuses on teamwork. The game is set in (and inspired by) the historic events on World War I. Weapons, such as, bolt-action rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, artillery, flamethrowers, and mustard gas will be made available to the players to combat opponents. Moreover, DICE has reorganized Meelee combat by introducing some new weapons, such as, sabres, trench clubs, and shovels into the game. Destructible environment and weapon customization features that were present in the previous games return in Battlefield 1 in a more dynamic form.


Recently, PlayStation store has updated the shooter’s information regarding the file size. Players would need 45.5GB of HDD for installing Battlefield 1. Other than this, those players who have EA access can start playing the game from October 13th, while those with Early Enlister Edition can start from October 18th, however, Battlefield 1 will be available worldwide on October 21st.


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