Battlefield 1 – DICE Reveals New Information

There’s been a huge media storm over Battlefield and you can tell from the twitter feed of Battlefield people are definitely interested. It has gotten a lot of positive coverage all over the web and the fans are really interested in the aspects that will be coming to the game in the coming months. DICE is willing to give way to some information. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. And after the trailer I’m sure a lot of people who haven’t played a WW1 FPS are going to have questions.

They were pretty forthcoming with all the of the details people wanted. Although, it may have been for just a short time we got a decent amount of information. It seems they plan to take destruction to a whole new level in their Frostbite 3 engine along with making the game 64-player online. DICE has usually been very good at designing their games and this one seems to be no different.

Thankfully, they are bringing server browser back rather than matchmaking. This should make things easier for bigger groups to be kept together.

DICE Battlefield 1 - Horse Rider

While some of us wondered if vehicles would be controlled by one or two people. They confirmed there is a mixture of both!

DICE is letting us all know that the vehicle warfare in this game is going to be something completely new and exciting!

As the first tweet stated that they would take destruction to a new level. You can expect even the vehicles to be able to operate even with some damages. Although it might not be as efficient.

They even are working on making melee weapons differing in their benefits.

It would seem there is a lot to look forward to being revealed in the future. But as of now the information they gave out is shaping this game up to be a very anticipated title. Along with being one of the most liked video from a AAA studio on YouTube. DICE has a lot to live up to from the fan’s perspective and this is something they can most certainly deliver on.

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