Battlefield 1 Beta: Anti-Vehicle Guide For Infantry

The Battlefield 1 Beta is currently underway, and after spending a few hours with the game, we will now offer a guide on how to better deal with the vehicles in the game.

One of the biggest challenges that infantry players face in the game are tanks and aircraft, and considering that players do not have access to any of the plethora of rocket launchers and other anti-vehicle weapons present in previous games, at least not in the Beta, players can find themselves in quite a pinch especially in the vast expanse of the Sinai Desert. But thankfully, there are a number of other unique tools at your disposal.


First up is the Assault class. The Assault class comes pre-equipped with the Anti-Tank Grenade, which detonates upon impact with a vehicle. This gadget is the closest thing an infantry soldier has to an anti-vehicle weapon, and while gadgets such as the dynamite and regular grenades can damage tanks, their effectiveness is not great. Tossing the Anti-Tank Grenade under a tank will cause it to damage the treads and leave the vehicle unable to move, at which point you can toss another one and finish the job.

One of the 3 Elite Classes found in the Sinai Desert map on Conquest is the Tank Hunter Class, which spawns at point E and comes equipped with the Tankgewehr M1918 anti-tank rifle. This class specializes in dealing damage to planes and lightly armored land vehicles and is even highly effective against infantry. The only downside of this class is that the Tankgewehr M1918 needs to deploy it’s bipod while prone in order fire, so staying high up will always work to the player’s advantage.


Scattered all along the map are also the FK 96 cannons. These cannons deal massive damage to land vehicles, and are even capable of taking out Heavy Tanks with just a few shots. The only trade-off is that loading the cannon takes time and while it can rotate at a full 360 degree angle, it takes a long time to move. Also keep in mind the bullet drop and aim slightly higher when targeting vehicles at a distance.

Next up is the QF 1 AA anti-aircraft gun, and while this turret works beautifully against aircraft, it is also surprisingly effective against infantry and tanks. It’s high rate of fire is easily able to destroy vehicles such as the M30 scout armored trunk in just a few shots.


Planes such as the Bomber class of aircraft can prove to be a great thorn in the side of players with it’s airstrikes. Luckily, aircraft do not possess Armour like tanks and can even be easily damaged with regular rifles and sub-machine guns, provided one is close enough for you to hit.

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Battlefield 1 is set to release on 21st October 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. With the game’s open beta currently in progress you can also expect more guides to be coming your way soon.

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