Battlefield 1 Beta Updated To Remove Time Limit From Conquest And Rush Mode

Battlefield 1 beta has been reportedly updated for some tweaks and fixes, among them removing the time limit in Conquest and Rush mode is a major change.

This change was seen by users on reddit who welcomed the removal of time limit. This makes the battle between the two teams much more exciting as they try their hands at getting the most amount of points.

EA DICE appears to be listening to fan feedback as evident from the way they are making changes to the game. They have also teased the return of the classic Ticket system depending on the feedback from the players during this Open Beta.


Batlefield 1 will officially launch on October 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. EA DICE is currently conducting an open beta for the game on all major platforms. This open beta started a few days ago features just one map and two different gameplay modes. There is no comment from the developers on the addition of more maps to the open beta.

Let us know if you are excited to see this change in Battlefield 1 in the comments below.

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