Battlefield 1 Data Dump Reveals A Massive Amount Of Information

EA recently ran a closed alpha for Battlefield 1 and it revealed a lot of important information about the game. The closed alpha has been data-mined, revealing everything from weapons, game modes, maps and even the chapter titles of the single player campaign.

According to the leak, the single-player campaign in Battlefield 1 will have seven episodes, including a prologue and epilogue, and a total of 20 chapters will make up these episodes. There are also around 30 firearms from the World War I era present in the game, ranging from handguns, rifles, “Behemoth Weapons”, “Cavalry Weapons” and much more. There is also a list of the melee weapons and of the gadgets such as mines, ammo crates, medic bags, gas masks, camos, etc.

These items and weapons will be usable across Battlefield 1’s 10 multiplayer maps, which will be available on launch, and the 8 game modes. The modes themselves include standard types such as Rush, Conquest and Team Deathmatch alongside a few more unique ones. Air Superiority also returns from Battlefield 4 and there is mention of an, as of yet, unknown mode known as Behemoth. The full list was submitted by Reddit user Lobix300, and you can check out his post over here.

Battlefield 1 has a confirmed release date of October 21 with an open beta coming late this summer.

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